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Jury Pergolini was born in Rome on the 3rd of May 1978
He began playing classical guitar at the age of 12 which lasted for about a year before he changed briefly to electric guitar. One day, listening to Iron Maiden’s Alexander The Great he was “sparked” by  the feeling provoked by  the round-bodied bass and as a result... in 1994 with the first money he earned he bought an Ibanez 4 string ...
Shortly after he started playing with his first group  the "Excess" playing covers and composing his first hard rock songs. He has played in bands covering various genres which range from Italian music to classic metal and also progressive. He played a number of  live dates in and outside of Rome gaining a great deal of support, meanwhile, he began studying  5 and 6 string electric bass. In 2005 he performed at the Olympic stadium in Rome.
In December 2007, he joined the heavy-metal band Reapter , finally having found a group with excellent songs with whom he could develop his good and compact sound.  In 2009 he won the award for best bassist at the Italian emergence festival held in Milan.
Currently uses almost predominantly the 6-string bass.

Favourite bassists: Steve Harris, John Myung, Jaco Pastorius, Patitucci, Roger Glover, Geezer Butler, Thomas Miller.
Influences: Iron Maiden-Symphony X, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian and all seventies hard-rock.
Washburn Mercury series custom 4 string.
Yamaha RBX 375 black 5 strings.
Yamaha RBX JM2 inca silver 6 strings.
Daddario strings.
Amplification: Marshall MBC 410 4x10 600W, Ashdown.
Sennheiser Freeport Wireless Instrument Set.

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