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Daniele was born in Rome on July 24, 1977
He developed a passion for music in adolescence listening to Metallica, Pantera, AC/DC, Megadeth.
Soon the passion for music port him to become a self-taught musician, began his musical adventure as bassist militating in provisional bands and school for a few years in the Dream Like.
After the experience with Dream Like joins the "Zona D'Ombra" and this time Daniele decides to learn to play the guitar, forming a musical project parallel with the name "N4N" and after several lineup changes, takes the name of Ludovico Van with involving the Giffoni Music Contest and Emergenza rock
Between satisfaction and disappointment from both bands, Daniele separates the two teams, then return with ZDO, but as a guitarist with new goals and expectations music, the project will be called Attica.
From there, a lot of composing which then will not produce the results he wanted and will end with the final dissolution of the band which will follow a period of inactivity until the meeting with the Reapter.
Style and inspiration: METAL

Guitar: Esp Ltd-M1000 with EMG 81
Effect: Okko Dominator, Eventide Time Factor, EH Small Clone
            Boss DD20 and Boss FV500 H
Amp: 1996 Marshall JCM Slash Head 2555 Silver Jubilee
           Cabinet Marshall 1960A special 4x12

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