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Massimiliano Pellicciotta (Max) was born on the 19th of December 1976.

In 1990 he formed his first group the Dionison. He has played in many groups over the years and various groups in the area where he was born including a period in a blues band, before founding Kuk Harrell in 2004, a metal band that broke up almost immediately, but weeks later he asked his friend Claudio Arduini to get in touch with friend and drummer (Emiliano Niro) and from there he founded Reapter. He is a firm believer in Reapter  because besides playing, there is an immense friendship between the members of the band.
Musical Influences: everything that gives him emotions from JS Bach to Megadeth.

Guitar : Jackson kv2 King V.
String :Ghs 10-46.
Pedal board: Boss bcb60 , MT-2, GE-7, DD-3, CH-1 ,RV-5.
Marshall mosfett 5100 100w 1x12 combo.
Hiwatt G200R HD Maxwatt. Cabinet  Hiwatt M412.

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