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Claudio Arduini began his singing career with Reapter in 2005. In the past he had sung in various rehearsal rooms along with Emiliano Niro, but without any particular effort. Gradually, the idea to form a metal band with his long time friends gave him the conviction to start something more serious. With continuous practice his vocal performances improved, but not long after commencing  a series of live dates and a number of more serious concerts, in October 2009 he decided to begin taking vocal lessons, along with music theory lessons in order to improve the quality of his vocal emission.He is a baritone and this timbre allows him push his vocalisation to aggressive and more “scratchy” melodies. He loves a sharp and melodic tone but the same time, he likes to introduce some elements of growl or screaming into his vocals. His influences come from singers like Paul Di’Anno, Ronnie James Dio, James Hetfield and Philip Anselmo; and also from blues and southern rock in general.He seeks to bring a direct and immediate singing style to his songs, but at the same time he aims to inspire and convey to those which have the key to understanding his lyrics specific emotions and sensations through “word theatricalism” which can be clearly perceived.  

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