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Reapter Heavy Metal


Available on Cd & Digital Album

Release Date:

21.01.2022 (CD)

21.01.2022 (DA)



REAPTER are a THRASH DEATH METAL band with PROG influences, formed in Rome in 2005, with three albums, two EPs and three singles to their credit.

The articulate songwriting, odd tempos, powerful riffs and vocals are the main characteristics of the band.

Reapter have shared the stage with Testament, Dark Funeral, Sadist, Nervosa, Jinjer, Nightmare, Civil War and many more.

The new album "Blasted" is recorded by Giuseppe Orlando (November), mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen, and sees the band experimenting with new sounds and styles, emphasizing the MELODIC DEATH part instead of the prog elements present in the previous album.

Genre: Thrash - Death Metal 

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Reapter Blasted
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