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Reapter Thrash-Death
Album Blasted
Anchor 5

Origin:  Rome

Genres:  Thrash,Death Metal


Years Active:  2005- Present


Label: Buil2Kill Records




Reapter is a thrash-death metal band founded in Rome in 2005

2008 - first EP called “First One”

2011 - The band played in London as support of the english band Fury UK.

2012 - Reapter played in Total Metal Festival in Toritto (Italy) sharing the stage with Testament, Dark Funeral and Sadist.


2013 - The first album is called M.I.N.D. released via Buil2kill Records
and distributed worldwide

2016 - The second album is released via Revalve Records
called Cymatics and is a 10 songs composed album

2017 - The band toured in western Europe to promote the album with the brazilian female thrash-metal band Nervosa

for 12 gigs

2018 - Reapter played at Goathell Metal Festival in Pula (Croatia) sharing the stage with Sinister and Jinjer.

2019 - Reapter is about to release the third album and is working to release a three songs EP.

2022 - The third album is released via

Buil2Kill Records  called Blasted

Death Reapter
Death Reapter
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